Bulgaria is an ancient country situated in Eastern Europe. It’s a small country but possesses rich history and traditions. Bulgarian unique culture can be explained with the influence of Thracians, Slavic peoples, Roman Empire, The Greeks. In Bulgaria there are lots of places with historical and cultural meaning worth visiting.

Nowadays Bulgaria is part of the European Union (EU). Its capital and biggest city is Sofia. The country is divided in 28 provinces. Bulgaria is a parliamentary democracy and its economy is based mainly on the heavy industry and agriculture. The population of our country is about 7,4 million people.

Bulgarian nature can be without doubt described as breathtaking – it combines huge green mountains, stunningly blue seaside, highly productive plains, beautiful and rich rivers. The flora and fauna in Bulgaria is full with lots of interesting species, including the Bulgarian rose, which grows only here due to the unique combination of climate and soil.

Actually if you ask a person to describe Bulgaria in a few words, they can be the following: amazing and authentic cuisine, rich literature heritage, traditional folklore and music, preserved traditions. And last but not least inseparable part of Bulgaria is exactly the Bulgarian rose – a flower  that has become the symbol of a whole country.

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