About Us

Bulgarian Rose water
Our company VIP Germes Ltd is located in Bulgaria – a country well-known for its top quality essential oils especially for world famous Rose oil produced in an area with unique climate.
We have a lot of years of experience in that area with serious partners particularly in Western Europe.
We are looking to strengthen and expand our contacts to other parts of the world.
Recently our company has merged with another Bulgarian company and now we are able to supply and distribute considerable quantities of the following products:
  • Bulgarian Rose oil
  • Rose absolute
  • Rose concrete
  • Lavender oil
  • Lavender concrete
  • Lavender absolute
  • Bulgarian Rose water
  • Chamomile water and other Aromatic waters
  • Tobacco concrete
  • Tobacco absolute


The high quality of our products is combined with the most attractive prices on the market.


VIP Germes Ltd

Slavi Danchev

Tel: +359 2 9713648
Fax: +359 2 870 79 51
Email: eurovip@omega.bg , infovipstarbg@gmail.com

VIP Germes Ltd is an exporting company based in Bulgaria with significant experience in the essential oils and cosmetic products trade.